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IINBiz Can Help You Build a 365-Day Content Marketing Plan For Your Wellness Business

From emails to social media to print, landing pages and more, the IINBiz platform has all of your content marketing needs covered.

Basic Plan - Paid Content

Basic Plan

Includes the following types of content:

Newsletters, Educational
Emails, Social Media Blitz,
and Universal Content


per month

Get one month Free!


per year

Advanced Plan

Includes all of the content from the Basic plan, in addition to:

Live Groups and Webinars, Referrals, Promotional, Online Challenges, Appreciation Experiences, and more!

Get one month Free!


per month


per year

Plus applicable taxes and fees.

* Free trial does not include texting

** Integrated Texting is available only in the US, CANADA and UK

IINBiz Is Filled With Specific Content Strategies for Wellness Entrepreneurs That Will Improve Sales, Retention, and Client Experience 

Regular Newsletters And Educational Communications
  • Help people understand the importance of your Health Coach business, opening doors with other leaders in the health, wellness, and health coaching community

  • Save hours each month with automated email campaigns—set it and forget it!

  • Build your email and texting list with value-based educational offers

Regular Social Media Content
  • Become consistent with your social media education and increase engagement on all social channels

  • Have your customers talking about your content and sharing it with their own community, spreading awareness for your brand

  • Expand your reach in just minutes a month, giving you more face time with new and existing clients 

All of the above content for $25/month.
If you want more marketing capabilities check out additional content below for $49/month.
Events and Webinars
  • Create a powerful network with other local businesses and Health Coaches, as well as get local press and gain a local audience

  • Build your own library of video content by recording the online events and webinars you host, giving your community an opportunity to attend these special events whenever works for them

  • Improve the overall client experience by providing more ways for your community to engage with you and your brand. Events and webinars give them opportunities to connect with your content in ways that fit their needs and schedules

Client Appreciation Experiences
  • Dramatically improve the overall client experience by making your clients feel like part of your brand

  • Cultivate a stronger, more loyal community that will feel compelled to share their positive experiences with potential clients 

  • Increase client retention while also providing value-add for your business to attract future clients

Referral Programs
  • Choose from a variety of automated emails, text messages and social media posts, as well as print resources, to build awareness of your brand quickly and efficiently

  • Fun and creative ways to generate referrals, such as giving your audience educational materials that will make them want to reach out to you

  • Motivation for your customers to pay it forward, incentivizing them financially or with your health coaching services, increasing overall engagement

Online Challenges
  • A different, yet fun and playful way to garner awareness for your business and the services you provide as a Health Coach

  • Fully automate your challenge for its entirety so you can set it and forget it

  • Increase client engagement while also fostering a sense of community and comradery, ultimately leading to increased client retention and referrals

template-screenshots_presentation copy.p
Print Assets And Presentations
  • Thorough and accurate print-form content that you can feel confident giving to your clients and potential clients

  • Presentations combined with research-based scripts will help convert potential clients to long-time loyal clients

  • Start thoughtful dialogue with your audience with print materials they can be excited about reading and sharing

Hear From Some Fellow Health Coaches on How IINBiz Helped Them Market Their Business

IINBiz is a great time saving tool for marketing my health coaching business. It provides me with ideas and content for workshops, webinars and focus groups, helps me schedule all of the above and provides me with written emails, reminders and challenges to send to my clients. IINBiz will definitely help me move my business to the next level.

- Fern, Health Coach 

IIN Grad 2019 

Our Mission

We want to help transform people’s lives around the world through the ripple effect. We’re working towards this mission by removing all the obstacles for Health Coaches to make marketing their businesses and educating their clients simple and streamlined. With marketing content curated specifically for Health Coaches, we’re determined to help Health Coaches grow their unique small businesses and achieve ultimate success. 

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