IINBiz Is Filled With All Of The Features You Need To Get And Retain More Clients

The IINBiz platform has all of the features you need to market to your audience and educate your clients: email marketing, social media scheduling, text messaging, list building, event registration, contact management, and more! 

IINBiz is filled with all the Features you need to get and retain new clients

Email Marketing

Email marketing has never been easier. Choose from a library of email templates that are backed by performance data and proven to engage your audience with every send. You can also craft your own emails from copy to design, and schedule to send to your entire list or to just specific contacts.

  • Share business announcements and design your emails in our easy-to-use email editor

  • Increase retention and reactivate inactive clients with engaging email campaigns

  • Set yourself apart from other Health Coaches in the field by providing professional-looking content on a regular basis

Social Media Scheduling

Schedule all of your social media posts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more in one place so that your communication calendar is filled with educational, engaging, and inspirational content. Plus, tap into the social media library to automate thousands of social media posts that will help you gain a following and broaden your audience reach.

  • Build your audience by increasing engagement and your following by over 71% with consistent social media posting

  • Save hours each month on your social media efforts by leveraging the existing social media library filled with content

  • Gain new clients – and retain these clients – through consistent social media engagement

Integrated Texting

Being able to text your community represents a huge opportunity for your business, as most people answer a text message within 24 hours of receiving one! Imagine being able to update your clients about your business, invite them to an upcoming event, or share a special offer - all in a matter of seconds! In a few simple steps, you can send text blasts from your practice to your entire contact list or select contacts. 

  • Onboard your new clients in a way that they’re already used to, as many brands use text messaging to provide information

  • Get the attention of your clients quickly and easily by automating text message campaigns

  • Build awareness quickly by sharing personal and curated content that’s fit for text, whether daily, weekly, or monthly

Event Registrations

Give your community a seamless way to register for your Health Coach practice events, including workshops, webinars, online challenges, client appreciation days, and more. IINBiz also provides the option for your audience to receive automated reminders via email and text, making event management easy and automated.

  • Create beautiful registration pages with built-in reminders and view your calendar of events to keep yourself organized

  • Dramatically improve the overall client and community experience with streamlined communication

  • Establish yourself as an expert with potential clients by hosting events on topics you’re passionate about, giving them an opportunity to experience what it’s like to work with you. Plus, gain exposure with local press by hosting events in your community. 

Landing Pages

Attract more of the RIGHT new clients with simple and automated marketing campaigns, including beautiful landing pages that give your audience a clear understanding of what you do and what you offer. You’ll have a whole library of content to choose from so that you can build pages that fit your business’s needs. 

  • Build your email and phone database faster by having a seamless experience for new clients to provide their information

  • Make it easy for your existing clients and audience members to share your information—referrals are an ideal way to build your practice, as they’re already coming to you with an interest in working with you 

  • Give your existing clients and audience a way to easily share information about you and your practice, allowing you to build your list without doing any manual work!


Automating communications is an essential piece to staying relevant and top-of-mind with your community members. Autoresponders can be deployed as email only, text only, or a combination of both. Using autoresponders for client education, onboarding, and even reactivation will completely transform the efficiency of your business.

  • Create an unlimited amount of automated email series around your business and your services

  • Develop a year’s worth of newsletters that you can schedule as frequently as you want. You can even segment your contacts to get different newsletters!

  • Stay top-of-mind with clients that have not engaged with you and your practice for an extended period of time by creating automated re-engagement campaigns

Mobile App

Our mobile app gives you the ability to access most features of our platform from your mobile device. This means you can create marketing campaigns or edit existing ones while you’re on-the-go, giving you even more flexibility to market your business exactly the way you want!

  • Schedule social posts on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, all from your phone (where most people are engaging on those platforms anyway!)

  • Send text and email blasts from your app, including using emojis to make communication fun and personal, if that’s your style

  • Launch an in-person event or online webinar with ease from anywhere as long as you have access to your mobile device

Contact Management System

Organizing your contacts with tags allows you to segment your audience and is the perfect way to communicate with each group in a personalized, engaging manner. Whether people are interested in products or coaching services (and anything in between), it’s important to know their preferences so that you can focus on relevancy with your content marketing. 

  • Create an organized contact list based on interest and desires, adding value to your list and ensuring they’ll engage with your emails

  • Increase open rates on your emails by providing your audience with content that’s relevant to them and their needs

  • Easy access to campaign reporting to collect important metrics, such as open rate, click rate, and more

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We want to help transform people’s lives around the world through the ripple effect. We’re working towards this mission by removing all the obstacles for Health Coaches to make marketing their businesses and educating their clients simple and streamlined. With marketing content curated specifically for Health Coaches, we’re determined to help Health Coaches grow their unique small businesses and achieve ultimate success. 

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