Why IINBiz?

We know that understanding how to grow your wellness business in a scalable and efficient way is important to you. That’s why IIN has partnered with SYNDUIT, a premier marketing platform, to provide you with ready-to-use marketing materials so you can spend more time and energy doing what you love: helping your clients! We are invested in your success which is why we are also offering your first 14 days free! 

How IINBiz Can Help You Market & Grow Your Health and Wellness Business

Consistency with your marketing is key. That’s why IINBiz is the answer to your marketing needs. Our library is filled with specific, data-driven and proven content marketing strategies that you can deploy easily all with your wellness business in mind. 

We’ll help you curate content that you can automate quickly and easily. Choose from many types of marketing campaigns such as email newsletters, social media campaigns, live events, online webinars, and more! Plus manage your contacts, see your entire marketing plan in a simple calendar, and track your campaign results and RSVPS – all in one place! We want to remove all of the barriers to grow the business you’ve always dreamed of! 

Basic Plan

Includes the following types of content:

Newsletters, Educational
Emails, Social Media Blitz,
and Universal Content


per month

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per year

Advanced Plan

Includes all of the content from the Basic plan, in addition to:

Live Groups and Webinars, Referrals, Promotional, Online Challenges, Appreciation Experiences, and more!


per month


per year

Get one month Free!

Plus applicable taxes and fees.

Hear from Some Fellow Wellness Entrepreneurs on How IINBiz Helped Them Market Their Business

Our Mission

We want to help transform people’s lives around the world through the ripple effect. We’re working towards this mission by removing all the obstacles for Health and Wellness Entrepreneurs to make marketing their businesses and educating their clients simple and streamlined. With marketing content curated specifically with this in mind, we’re determined to help grow unique small businesses and achieve ultimate success. 




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